The Postgraduate Programme in Metaphysics (PPGμ) is the result of the work developed throughout the years by several research groups based in different Departments and Postgraduate Programs of the University of Brasilia. Even if the majority of the professors are linked to the Philosophy area, they all have a broad and multidisciplinary training and experience. Being considered in CAPES Philosophy area, this is a plural program from a methodological point of view which aims to resume the integration of different types of knowledge in order to think about traditional questions and challenges of Metaphysics as a guiding thread of the History of Philosophy.

This guidance is not done by chance, but within the structure of the research itself: we do not intend to create an abstract “place in between” disciplines but, starting from a defined field of studies, we aim to go beyond it in order to change it from an internal point of view.

The PPGμ offers the Master AND PhD Courses which are composed of two lines of research:

I) Origins of the Western Thought;
Ii) Contemporary Ontologies


The purpose of the PPGμ consists mainly in training researchers in order to enable them to address and discuss metaphysical issues in their perception of human challenges, thus developing projects on the border of disciplinary boundaries.